Avenger superhero thanos

thanos glove with music and LED lights.

  • Made Accurately to the smallest of detail.
  • Life Size and Fits Everyone to the ware.
  • hand thanos glove
    you can easily ware in your hand.

    it come with the good quality sound speaker.

  • Comes With Edgy and Cool Sound Effects speaker.
  • Large Size 9 Inches of the glove.
  • Battery Operated product.
  • looking very stylish and very good product.
  • there is also included 5 stone in the glove which give stylish look to the glove.
  • best gift foe the marvel fan.
  • it is very comfortable for the size.
  • it come with the different size of the thanos glove.

Product Detail:

Everybody know about the avenger super hero thanos he famous from his hand and its stone. here we provide information about that glove of thanos. this glove is for kids only which under 10 years. you can also gift this glove to the marvel fan kids they much like this glove. this glove has also sound system speaker. in this glove there is also included 5 stones which is also comes with the thanos glove.

the size of this glove is 9 inch. so everyone can ware this glove and this glove is also fit in everyone hand. this glove also required battery because it has one type of sound system means there is one speaker. 5 stone gives batter look to the glove. this glove looking very good and stylish you can feel like a thanos hand. and the weight of this product is 358 g which is very light weight.

Product information:
Technical Details:

Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Item Weight: 358 g
Package Dimensions: 39.8 x 17.4 x 16.9 cm

thanos glove
easy ware in your hand

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