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Android 11 notification music player:
android music player
Android 11 music player in notification bar

in ios mobile you can see the music player is arranged in the control bar look like this google plan to set music player in notification bar through the Android 11. which is good news for the android users. this tech-news comes from the android.





Netflix trial in 5 Rs:

netflix trial
from now Netflix give its free trial in 5 rs

from now when user want to free trial of Netflix application then he will pay 5 rupees for the 1 month. which is good for the users.

this is tech-news comes from the netflix.




one plus 8 pro
One plus 8 pro hands on leaks on internet

One plus 8 pro hands on:
there is new leaks on internet which is comes from the one plus which is about the One plus 8 pro hands on in photo you can see the stylish look of the One plus 8 pro hands on which has blue color and quad rear camera and slim body which loos very cool.




google chrome warning
warning from the google to their users

google chrome warning:
google warning their user that they do not install chrome extension on the h browser because the google chrome is safe browser from the other browser. this the tech-news of the google.





Samsung factory corona virus:

samsung factory corona virus
in Samsung company one case of corona virus

Samsung conformed that the factory of Samsung in south Korea there is one case of corona virus and because of these till 25 February the factory is closed.





htc company
few days htc will be launch headset

htc proton VR headset:
htc going to launch their new vr headset htc just preview that next generation headset which look very stylish and premium.






Air pods pro budget version:

apple airpods
from now Air pods pro budget version is available

apple also going to launch other variants of their air pods pro and the price of this air pods is very less and that looks like the original air pods pro . this is the best tech-news from the apple which is good.







huawei war
huawei told their users to do this

google on huawei:
google told their user that please do not install the google app on your huawei device. google not told the reason behind this. so don’t install you tube,gmail,chrome on your huawei device.






galaxy z flip pre orders:

galaxy z flip
this smartphone is ell in market very fast

in India galaxy z flip pre order is fastly sold out which is good for the Samsung and people of the India is well liked this amazing smartphone.





panasonic lot ac
Panasonic is going to launch their own AC.

Panasonic lot Ac.:
everybody know summer is coming and now Panasonic just launch iot smart AC which provide you smart technology in summer. the starting price of this Panasonic Ac is RS. 35000/-.





Android 11 car crash:

android car11
Android 11 works on this type of the app.

in android 11 preview you can see that one personal safety app for mobile. if your car was crashed or critical accident through this app emergency call will dial automatically. which is best news because safety is no.1 priority. again this tech-news comes from the android.





black shark phone
one more leaks are comes from the black shark smart device

black shark 3 leaks:
black shark 3 which is gaming mobile phone and it will spotted with their 65 w super fast charging which charge your mobile in few minute. which is good news for the gamer.






hacker car unlocking gadget:

hacker car unlock gadget
by this gadget anyone can unlock any car

many many different gadgets are comes in the market so here one hacker make a one type of gadget which is unlock any car through this device and there is two verients are available in the market of this device. and the prices of this device is 9000$ and upgrade version of this device price is 12000$ and by this device you can unlock any car and start their engine.




mi note 10
mi note 10 is sold fast

Xiaomi Mi 10 Sold out:

just before few days xiaomi launch mi 10 smart phone and that phone stock is decrees fast and stock is going to empty. this is mi tech-news which is good.





Google Pixel 5 XL leaks:

google pixel 5xl
new leaks are comes from the google pixel 5 xl

google goes to launch new smartphone which is pixel 5xl and the leaks of this smartphone is available on the internet. there is triple camera setup and mate finish glass on behind side.







apple company
apple is also working on this 5g phon

   iPhone 5G Camera Design:

now apple Wii also release new 5g phone with custom antenna design and apple do unique design of their new 5g smartphone







personal Virtual network for data:

personal virtual data
this is very important tech-news for the internet user

this is the best news for internet users by this virtual network user can control on their data and their is virtual network around the users.






huawei war
huawei and us war

Huawei US war:
Us Huawei ask for the evidence to us government for their ban because government of us tell that huawei company leaks users data anywhere so this reason their is war between us government and huawei






Oppo Find X2 Leaks:

oppo find x2
one leaks are comes from the oppo which is about x2

oppo will also release their new smartphone which is oppo find x2 and their is some leaks on internet and there this phone has highest batch mark score so this phone will also comes with the super performance.




boing company
make pattern and win the prize of 1 million

Boeing 1 million prize:

just now boeing start new concept which is if anyone can design their own pattern which is about the any flying machine that means anyone can fly in machine then boeing give him/her 1 million dollars which is very interesting.





Galaxy Z flip demand:

galaxy z flip
galaxy z flip orders are comes very fast

Samsung just launch galaxy z flip smartphone in us and now us people very like this smartphone and its demand is very high in us,and stock of these smartphone is fastly decrees.



mi note 10
rom the dxo chart mi note 10 on first rank

mi note 10:

from the DXO chart this smartphone is on the first rank and the combine score of smartphone is 124 the score of the photo in the chart is 134 and video score is 104. which is very good thing of the product.







Samsung Galaxy S20:

Samsung galaxy s20
1 minute video size 800 mb

samsung is going to launch new color veriest of the galaxy s20 and that color will be red color variant which is looking very awesome.




oppo a31
oppo is going to launch their new phone

Oppo A31 2020:
now oppo launch their new smartphone which is oppo A31 which is comes with the with helio p35 processor and the price of the smartphone is around RS. 13,000/- but is is not available in India market. oppo launch this smartphone in India soon.




Realme X50 pro:

realme x50 pro
x50 comes with 90hz display

now realme is goes to launch realme x50 pro which has 90hz super amould display and 65W fast charging but the date is not conformed for this smartphone launch by realme.




apple company
apple is also works in iphone 9.

Apple iPhone 9:

now apple start the production of the iphone 9 very fastly in china market because the apple launch this smartphone in may 2020. so this is very exiting news.




iqoo smartphone
launch date is 25 feb.

IQOO 3 in India:

the final launch date of this smartphone is conformed by the company which is 25 February.





mwc cancel
the event was cancel of MWC

MWC 2020 cancellation:

organization of the MWC is say that there is no option for the MWC event.  so MWC event is cancel which is very bad news.





MI Q1 demand and supply:

mi company
mi can not complete the demand of this phone

xiaomi launch their smartphone MI Q1 but according to the sales and market mi does not complete the demand and the supply of the smartphone because the factory of the china is not work perfectly because of the corona virus problem.



Redmi note 9 pro:

redmi note 9 pro
note 9 pro is come with the 64 mp camera

Redmi work with the new upcoming smartphone which is note 9 pro and the space of this smartphone is very improved which is it comes with the dimensity 800 processor and the camera is also 64 mp (sony) and the price of the smartphone is around RS. 15,000/- which is good.




Samsung galaxy S20:

Samsung galaxy s20
1 minute video size 800 mb

in this smartphone if you record 8k viedo for one minute the size of the video file is 600MB and maximum time of the recording is 5 minute and you can record 3Gb video file.




Telcos to clear deus by 17 march:

supreme court India
telecom company completes their dues

now this news news is comes from the supreme court of india which is that the telecom company which is idea vodafone airtle etc. they complete their deus till 17 march if they not doing this then it will be contempt of the court.




Oppo Reno3 pro on 2 march:

oppo reno 3 pro
launch on 2nd march

now the conformed date of the oppo reno 3. this smartphone launch is 2nd march. the spaces of the phone is that 44 MP dual punch hole rear camera.