Smart digital multi functional intelligent smart ring

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Price of the start with Rs.549/-
This product shape already is designed according to the latest elements and also created by the pure medical titanium and there is no need for any type external power energy.

smart ring
you can easily ware this ring

This smart ring also come with waterproof material
This product is suitable for any people at any time.
Users can also edit business card to on this ring.
There is also display and phase in the mobile with nfc by laying finger on the mobile and then pop up the share web page automatically on one or many with nfc by laying finger on the mobile by using this ring
From this ring Automatic operation users can edit the different mobile operating script by the single or many choices in the menu to operate script.
that is possible that to activate the mobile operating script by the relative magic smart ring at any circumstance and you can use it.
users can hide application at random automatically in the mobile and user can set the magic ring to activate the automatic concealment application

Product description:

  • Name: smart ring
  • material: stainless steel
  • digital ring
    this small chip works in ring

    color: silver, black (chip part position)

  • process: polishing and so on package:
  • app diameter: 19,19.5,20,20.5,21,22,23,23.5
  • chip: nfc chip working frequency band: 13.56mhz
  • storage space: 144bytes
  • transmission rate: 106kb / s
  • uses: set to open the smart lock, card recharge, smart phone unlock, phone file lock, a transfer file.
  • Features: there is no charge and programmable read-only lock function here 7-byte serial number and clone protection function
  • . so itis very usefulful for the user
  • Available size: 21,22,23,23.5 (please mention the size which you want, otherwise we will send random size.)

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smart ring
you can store your cards in this ring
ring measurement
you can easily take measure the ring


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