Planning To Upgrade To China Optimize VPS? Try Serverwala


If you plan to enhance your web hosting to a private and highly secured platform, i.e., VPS (Virtual Private Server), but don’t want to overhead. Then, you are mooring on the perfect page.

Well, I am pretty much sure that you might face many hurdles while dealing with your sluggish site performance and speed. Meanwhile, the fear of losing your valuable data that are not backed up raises your strain. Like you, many people have gone through this phase along with experiencing poor technical support. So, don’t worry! It’s time to say bye bye to such issues with the China Optimized VPS hosting that ensures high performing servers at an affordable price.

So, are you still thinking about whether it is possible or not? Yes, it is! We will tell you the answer later in detail through this guide. Also, we will recommend the best and Cheap VPS China provider, i.e., Serverwala, that provides you irresistible features and plans. Just check out the additional services you can have with this web host. Let’s Begin!


An Introduction to Serverwala

Serverwala is the fastest-growing data center that has been in tremendous growth over the previous several years. The company is becoming popular for delivering cutting-edge services and customer-focused support to their potential customers and patrons with their China VPS Hosting. Moreover, it gives you the flexibleness to select the Managed and Unmanaged VPS plans as per your business requirements. With both the plans, the company ensures high availability of resources, support, security, and a broad range of premium and exclusive services that are mentioned below:

  • User Friendly Control Panel
  • Instant VPS Setup
  • Unique IP address
  • End to End data encryption
  • Free Migrations
  • Free SSL Certificate

These additional services offered by this web host influence the users to upgrade their hosting to VPS In China Server. Do you still need to Think Twice – Why Serverwala? Not yet. But let me clear your confusion by letting you know more about the web host.


Why Serverwala?

Established in 2016, Serverwala persists among the prominent web hosting providers worldwide. The company is best in proffering highly reliable web hosting services such as Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Servers, Cloud Hosting, and Colocation Servers. Apart from these hosting solutions, the company also provides you a plethora of services such as Unique IP, SSL certificate, Free migrations, and Cybersecurity.


In terms of VPS for China, Serverwala provides bundles of reliable and high-quality services for ensuring high performance and one-click web page loading speed. With this web host, you can have both Linux and Windows China VPS Cheap server hosting. Because of these services, users won’t need to think twice to opt for this web host for employing its array of principal features.


Let’s check Serverwala’s China VPS features below.

Here we enlist the top premium China VPS Server features that you can use to rapidly make a high boost to your business. Let’s see.

Free VPS Management

The preliminary list of features is not yet completed. If you choose the managed VPS Hosting in China, you won’t need to stress your VPS setup and maintenance. This is the complete responsibility of your web host. They will take care from secure and free migrations to its maintenance.

Cloud-Powered VPS

The web host provides you the VPS Hosting China based cloud powered server that comprises the robustness of a Dedicated server whereas the flexibility of a Cloud Server. So, you can easily make your site remarkable and responsible with such services.

Full root Control

Root access lets the admin user complete accessibility to editing files and folders without any expert’s permission. So, you can make server configurations and make any changes as needed.

Robust Hardware Specifications

VPS Server China has cloud infrastructure based hosting that comprises robust and compelling hardware specifications. This hardware includes the whopping storage space, i.e., Solid State Drives, powerful Intel Xeon Processor, and high Random Access Memory.

High Performance SSDs

Employing Solid State Drives means experiencing the optimized performance. SSD makes it possible to deliver seamless performance and high speed by using flash technology that is needed in HDDs. It also enhances the web page load time.

Resource Monitoring Dashboard

You can quickly check which hardware is consuming more power by real time monitoring through a user friendly dashboard. It means in one click you can easily reboot your VPS, keep your eye on memory usage, analyze server load and manage other settings of your VPS Server.

Instant Provisioning

No need to wait so long for getting your VPS Setup. Serverwala ensures instant provisioning and deploys your server once you are done with your order and payment process.

Free Migrations

If you plan to upgrade or migrate your existing server into the VPS Server China hosting, you won’t need to worry about it. The company provides you free migrations.

Free SSL certificate

Security is the most prominent and critical aspect for every business owner who goes live on their websites. For them, an SSL certificate is the most needed feature. Therefore, VPS gives you let’s encrypt SSL security that secures your data by encoding all the data transferred to and from your customers.

No Setup Fee

No need to pay any upfront charges for employing the benefits of VPS server, Just pay once at a one time purchase.

Robust Infrastructure

With the robust and compelling VPS infrastructure, you can have the highest uptime and more stability to standalone your business in the web hosting market.

Choice of Control Panel

You can easily choose a user-friendly, high-caliber control panel with your China optimized VPS server. Basically, two popular types of control panels are cPanel and Plesk panels. Both come with plenty of options to manage your server but support different operating systems.

Choice of Operating System

With the China VPS Server, you get the choice of the operating system. Among them, you can choose the reliable one on which you want to run your server. You have the options like Linux OS or Windows operating system that let you complete server access.

Install your choice of Applications

You are free to install your choice of applications and software on your server as per requirements using the Softaculous 1-click installer. Also, you have the flexibility with your VPS Hosting in China to install applications of more than 400, depending on your opted operating system.

When you upgrade your site to China optimized VPS server, you can have these broad ranges of industry leading features with your hosting plans.


China Optimized VPS Plans and Pricing

Serverwala Cloud Data Center provides extraordinary VPS China Cheap plans and packages that comprise all services you are looking for at an affordable price. So, let’s check, opt for the suitable one and buy China VPS Hosting for you.


Linux VPS Hosting China Plans


Windows VPS Hosting China Plans

The Verdict

Serverwala VPS provides you the private resources and premium features that enable you to employ its benefits for experiencing optimal performance and high speed. Moreover, it gives the 24*7 server monitoring and maintenance support that keeps you away from every stiffness. So, no need to wait so long. Just signup today for Serverwala’s VPS for China and boost your business smoothly.


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