Hair Care Routine Using The Right Hair Care Products For You!


For some women, hair growth just happens, but it’s a struggle for the rest of us. There are a few hair care routines that we can follow to improve and boost hair growth, from hair vitamins to using silk pillowcases. Check out these 11 amazing tried and true tips, including a few Hair Care Products to make your hair grow faster.

Incorporate these hair care routines to improve hair growth

1. Frequently trimming your hair.
If you want to boost hair growth, you have to get rid of split ends. Even though your hair looks “longer,” split ends make your hair dry, dull, and dead. It also removes shine and smoothness from your hair so, get trimming. Get it trimmed by a hairdresser at least once a month; frequent trimming makes your hair healthy and grow faster.

Remove split ends with monthly trim.

2. Eating habits
You can go above and beyond for your hair growth, but if you don’t eat right then, all that effort goes down the drain. Unless there is a medical condition in play, your hair growth process and quality reflect your eating habits. Eat healthy foods to improve hair growth. Eat protein-packed food and if you are vegetarian or vegan, include tofu, edamame, lentils, and other foods that are high in protein to your diet. Add foods that are packed with vitamins (A, C, and E), nutritious minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Change your eating habits to boost hair growth.

3. Refrain from going blonde
As stunning as platinum blonde hair color is, going from dark hair color to a bright and light
color will impact hair growth. When you apply bleach on your hair, it fries your hair, increases split ends and promotes breakage. If you are like me and love different hair colors for different occasions, I recommend human hair wigs. Bleaching frequently makes your hair dry and brittle. Go blonde, pink, or blue with a wig and make your hair grow.


If you want to grow your hair, do not bleach it. Bleaching causes dryness and split ends.

4. Brush your hair before bed. Heading to bed without combing your hair is tempting, especially when you are tired from work or a good night out, but a few gentle strokes can work wonders to hair and its health. Brushing your hair before bed distributes natural oil from your scalp to the rest of your hair and moisturizes it. Combing your hair before bed also helps increase blood circulation and makes your scalp healthy.

A few gentle strokes before bed to make your hair grow

5. Minimize heat styling Hot tools like hair straighteners and curlers stand between you and hair growth. These tools burn your hair and make cause split ends, which will reduce your chances of hair growth. Give your hair a break and do Hairstyles For Women that are heat free but if you need to use them, apply a heat guard before using a curler or a straightener. Another way to style your hair is by choosing heatless styling options.

Overuse of heat styling tools will make your hair prone to breakage.


6. Silk, silk, and more silk Invest in a few silk pillowcases for your hair. Sleeping on a cotton pillow cover tangles your hair and makes it prone to breakage. Silk pillow covers are your hair’s best friend because it doesn’t cause friction. Less friction equals hair growth.

Silk pillowcases to promote hair growth

7. Coldwater blast on your hair Hot water and hair do not mix well. When it’s too cold to wash your hair in cold water during winter seasons, wash it in warm water and do a quick rinse in cold water. This retains moisture and prevents dry and frizzy hair.


Quickly rinse your hair in cold water to lock the moisture in


8. Refrain from brushing your hair when it’s damp Your gorgeous hair is most vulnerable when it is wet; avoid brushing your hair when it is still damp. If you need to brush it, then do it with a tangle teaser or a wet brush; if not, let your hair air dry before brushing.

Never brush your hair when it’s damp.

9. Hair growth vitamins. If your diet is not enough to boost hair growth, add a vitamin supplement for your morning or night hair care routine. Hair vitamins contain biotin and vitamins essential for hair growth. Choose one that suits your needs and boost hair growth.

Hair Vitamins loaded with growth-boosting properties.

10. Shampoo less and conditioner more. Many women skip conditioner and shampoo all day long, but it should be the opposite for your hair to grow. Shampoo removes dirt and oil from your scalp and hair, but be warned shampoos contain sulfate and other harsh ingredients that will hurt your hair. Prevent split ends and boost hair growth with conditioners and conditioning hair masks.

Fill your cabinet with conditioners if you want your hair to grow.


11. Essential oil for hair growth
Hydrate your hair with essential oils to make it grow faster. Lavender oil promotes hair growth, and it also generates hair growth. Other oils such as coconut oil, rosemary oil, and tea tree essential oil hydrate your hair and help it grow. Palma Rosa Oil is one of the best essential oil for curly hair because it contains hydrating properties.

Essential oils to promote hair growth


You cannot grow hair overnight, but you can improve your hair care routine for faster hair
growth with these 11 amazing tips. Hydrate your hair, minimize heat styling tools, change your eating habits, and the rest will fall into place.





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