Check Your Character ID From Lobby

You can check your current Character ID at the upper right hand corner of the lobby screen.

See Name ID In Basic Info

You can also see your Character ID when clicking on the badge on the lobby screen and accessing your Data, on the Basic Info tab.

Rename Card Can Be Used Once Per Day

Players are only allowed to change their character name once per day so make sure you don’t waste your Rename Cards and save them up!

How To Get ID Card

There are two main ways for players to accumulate and receive Rename Cards in PUBG Mobile – through shop purchases and through rewards from progress missions

Purchase Through Shop

Go into the PUBG Mobile shop and click the “Others” tab. You can find the Rename Card purchase option there!

Spend 180 UC To Purchase

The cost of one Rename Card is 180 UC. You can earn UC by buying them from the Shop or from the Elite Royale Battle Pass.

Unlock Progress Mission Rewards

You can also claim Rename Cards as rewards from Progress Missions. These include adding friends in-game and completing all available progress missions from Level 1-9.

Level 3 & Level 10 Mission & Rewards

Players need to complete the two following missions to unlock the Rename Card rewards:




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