Drawing Ideas For Kids and Beginners With Pencil Sketching


Tudor has developed a real passion for scattering whole tubes of tempera watercolors everywhere. So I have a real collection of cool drawing painting ideas for two-year-olds.

Painting at the age of two can hardly be called painting. As I said, we have more of a scribble, not even a strategic one. But because the child is passionate, let me blow them (cur) borscht.

Here are some of the painting activities for two years that we do day by day, day by day, day by day.

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Painting at the age of two: you will need…

  • A4 sheets or a drawing block (or more)
  • Dry watercolors and tempera watercolors (I got them from Jumbo), a glass of water
  • Various other materials that will serve as support (egg formwork, stones, cardboard, plastic foil, )

Painting at the age of two: what can you paint with?

  • Brushes
  • Dishwashing sponge
  • Fingers and hands
  • Stamps: roll of toilet paper, fruits or vegetables (potatoes, carrots, apples…), bottom from a PET, flowers, leaves, stones, materials soaked in colors, laces

Useful tip: To avoid possible accidents, I suggest designating a special place in the house where the little one can play.

Bonus tip: I don’t wear a Tudor protective gown, but if you don’t want it to get dirty, it would be a good idea.

You will need a lot of patience, it is a very dirty activity!

Painting at the age of two: on a white sheet

Idea: hold the sheet vertically for a new experience, or stick a very large sheet on a wall or window and paint there.

Painting every two years: on coloring sheets

I printed some cards with Tudor and let him unleash his imagination. I collected the “works” and stored them, and when several were gathered I noticed that he painted with a certain color for a few days, then changed it to another color that he used for a few days, and so on. Painting at two years: on egg formwork

This activity is very fashionable now in children’s activity groups. With the older ones, you can paint different decors (for example, the formwork can be a mountain range with valleys and lakes).

With Tudor, all we managed to do was create a little man out of various scraps of materials that we had around the house… even so, the more I worked, the more he got excited… Teamwork makes the dream work, I guess?

Painting every two years: on old cooking trays & on plastic foil

We have a few trays that we don’t use much, so we turned one into support for watercolors. I had watercolors in the tube and Tudor had developed a real passion for squeezing the tubes. I decided to put some of the watercolors on the tray, and he would take the colors and paint with them.

Instead, Tudor decided on his own that it was nice to paint on the tray. And it was really fun! He sprayed with colors, I added glitter, I put some water, he mixed and… when he got bored, I started painting other things…

For example, on a plastic sheet. I glued it around the chair (leaning tower) and Tudor painted on it.

Painting at the age of two: he creates stained glass windows

It is an excellent painting activity for both children and parents. I admit that I enjoyed painting the window to the fullest. I kept thinking that if I were a child and I did this, I would certainly have heard from my mother… :))

But that word, in my house I do what I want, and I wanted to paint the windows on the terrace with Tudor.

I glued tape to the window, I painted, I peeled off the tape.

After two weeks, the window is still painted and I love it, even though it’s not really a work of art…

Useful tip: It’s good to decrease the glass before you start painting. In our country, Zoe (the cat) keeps rubbing with the glass fur and greasing it… so at the bottom, they didn’t catch the colors until we cleaned the glass.

Painting at the age of two: the shape of the hand and the foot, inventive prints

If your heart allows you to get dirty from head to toe – literally – then ask for the limit. I painted some butterflies with Tudor: I painted his hand in all colors and stamped the drawing sheet. I made butterflies, then a dinosaur, a chicken, a tree… here you can find more ideas.

And this is what the working little hands looked like when I finished with the butterflies…

Painting at two years old: with a plastic fork

I admit that I haven’t tried it yet because in the meantime Tudor has put the daily painting aside. But he’s on our to-do list when he has a passion.

Here are some great fork painting ideas with vegetables name for kids. Painting at two years: with the sponge of dishes or pompoms

For Tudor, we have a kind of sponge brushes instead of hair and we use those when we want to change the register and be more hipster.

But you can also use a smaller dish sponge very well, or a large one cut into smaller pieces. Or even pompoms.

And instead of the tail, you can catch the sponge/pompoms with clothes hooks.


Painting every two years: water transfer on cleansing disks

Tudor transferred all the water from the glass directly to the diskettes. What can I say that an amalgam of wet paper came out, disintegrated floppy disks, colors, water…

But together we made a fire truck with a door that opens. Now, to be honest, after the colors dried on the floppy disks, they looked absolutely nauseating. But, by order “from above from the boss” I was not allowed to throw the truck nino-nino until he forgot about its existence. That damn truck kept asking me for about three days and I didn’t know how to make it invisible faster…

To make the activity more interesting, you can prepare a few glasses of water that you have colored in different colors (either with water or food coloring) and, with the help of a pipette, show him how to transfer the colored water on cleansing disks. You can use pipettes from The Ordinary products you have finished, or pipettes bought from toy stores, etc.


Painting every two years: water and cardboard or colored paper

This is easy and fast and funny. You take a glass of water, a brush, and a piece of cardboard and start making shapes. On the same idea, you can stamp with your hand/foot or spray water from a sprayer. And if you get bored, get out of the house and sprinkle walls, fences, wood, etc.!

You can try the same experiment on coated paper, crepe paper, colored cardboard, colored paper, etc. The idea is to paint only with water. 🙂

Painting every two years: paint wooden sticks & color with chalk

Chalk can be found at any store, including jumbo or supermarkets, or bookstores. The wooden sticks are from Jumbo, the self-care section; are waxing sticks…

Painting at the age of two: painting in the bathtub

Does it bother you that you have to clean for half an hour after each painting session? Put the little one in the tub and you’ve solved the problem. If it’s hot, you leave it naked, if it’s not so hot, you give him clothes you don’t feel sorry for. You have to make sure that the watercolors used will not stain the immaculate walls of the tub and, voila!

Painting at two years old: on salt dough shapes

Here is the recipe I used for the shapes:

  • 50 gr of salt;
  • 100 gr of flour;
  • 50 ml of water;
  • molds for plasticine or for cakes;
  • tempera;
  • After they cool down, the little ones can paint as they please.

It was all good and beautiful until it crossed his mind to taste the cookies. He likes anything salty, and since these are salt-embodied, it’s easy to understand that they had a short life… Drawing at two years old: mother’s lipsticks

Precisely you have a five-year-old lipstick that your heart won’t let you throw away, but that stinks only when you open it because it’s expired for so long that you don’t even know it.

Give it to the child and draw with lipsticks.

And if you really don’t have old lipstick, you can buy something cheap from Chinese stores, only good to sacrifice. It will be a great pleasure for your child!

Drawing every two years: with nail polish

Open a mani-pedi salon right at your home! Take a piece of cardboard and draw the shape of your hands together with the dwarf. Then draw the shape of the nails. Give her nail polishes (again, in Chinese stores you can definitely find cheap varnishes) and get to work: it’s time to give your hands the care they need :)))

Of course, you have to be careful not to eat the nail polish or smell it too much… I hope that goes without saying, right?

That’s about it with painting activities for two-year-olds. I hope they aroused your interest and, if you try any, let me know because this quarantined mother is very happy.


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