Cost of MBBS in China for Indian Students: Total expense of Study Medicine in China in INR


We all know that getting admission in a medical college in India is very difficult as there are limited seats for various other reasons. This makes the Indian students choose to study MBBS abroad. By the time China has been the most favored place not only for Indian students but also for the students around the world to study MBBS. The main reason behind it is the world class education quality and the lowest fee structure. The reason for education being so low cost in china is that all the medical universities in china are owned and managed by the government and china also has the highest education budget.

China is the closest neighbor of India and has a long history. There are some disputes between both countries and many people think that living in china would be difficult but that is not true. In fact china is a very safe place to live and Chinese people are also very welcoming by nature.

China is also investing more and more every year for developing the quality of education, it also provides research and scholarship budget of MBBS in china for foreign students.

MBBS fee in China

Studying MBBS in China is very low cost as many top Medical universities offer scholarships to the students. Even without scholarship the cost of education is very economical in China. The fee for MBBS course starts from 300000 per year for a five year course and it would cost around 15 lakhs to complete the course. Whereas if you compare that fees with Indian medical colleges there is a huge difference as the MBBS fee in India starts from 30 lakhs per year that goes up to one Crore depending on the college. The main reason for that is that there are very few medical seats in India and most of them come under private medical institutions. They charge a big amount as fees to study MBBS. Indian students also need to pay the donation to get the seat.

If you add hostel and living expenses the complete fees to study MBBS in china would be around 18-19 lakh for a five year MBBS course. The MBBS study is extremely low cost compared to only India but also European countries, USA, UK, Japan, Korea and others. Additionally the students also get employment opportunities in china.

The Indian students need not to worry about studying MBBS in China, as the Chinese food is among the very popular cuisines around the world and with food the weather conditions are also very comfortable. Indian students doing internships from China don’t need to do it again in India as it is valid in India.

Fees at Chinese medical universities differ based on the location and the university, in big cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Sichuan fees to study medicine is a bit higher compared to other smaller cities. Similarly the cost of living and standards also differ depending on the location of the university.

One other reason for the difference in fees to study MBBS is English medium education. The Chinese ministry of education has authorized some universities to teach MBBS in English language. The universities which are not teaching MBBS in English can afford to have a low fee structure. Though MCI has not authorized these universities.

Following are some of the medical universities of china which offer MBBS at fairly low cost:

  1. Liaoning University of TCM the fee for MBBS is 10-15 lakhs and the teaching language is English.
  2. Shihezi University the fee for MBBS course is 15-20 lakhs and the teaching language is English.
  3. Jilin Universitythe fee for the MBBS course is 20-30 lakhs and the teaching language is English.
  4. Guangxi Medical Universitythe fee for MBBS course is 20-30 lakhs and the teaching language is English.

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