Rai Anti-dust Anti-Pollution Anti-Virus Multi Use Mask for coronavirus protection.


POLLUTION PROTECTION: in coronavirus protection here is High level respirator protection and activated web design mask filters out 98-percent of exhaust and pollen , fumes and other irritant dusts. this mask is Protects against dust that can cause lung disease.

washable mask
this mask is washable mask.
this mask has many benefits so you can try it.

BREATHING VENTS: Dual one-way vents allow to easier exhaustion of heat and carbon dioxide and this is providing smooth breathing and also glasses do not fog up so its great. CCJK mask filters and vents are fully interchangeable and reusable which is good for you. This makes the mask easy to clean and significantly longer than your average dust mask and you can clean this mask so this mask is protect you from the coronavirus.

REUSABLE: Unlike most old designs and our mask filters and valves are fully interchangeable and reusable which is good. This makes the mask easy to clean when it get dirty and it less harmful for the environment and last significantly longer than average dust mask which is good.

corona mask
this mask is help you in pollution.

ADJUSTABLE & COMFORTABLE: Oval shaped design for comfortable fit and it Allows for easy breathability so you can take breathe easily. this mask is Adjustable Ear Loops to meet the requirement. there is 3 layers of smoke mask filtering and the mask filters can be replaced by yourself.

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Thank you so much for your good support on us. If you have any questions please comment below side we will provide the best service as we can for you.

Product description:

  • Mouth have ventilation holes and the magic stick is fixed.
  • this product Protect your face and your health.
  • it is Durable and washable which is great.
  • corona virus
    stay home stay safe

    One size of mask is fit to all.

  • here, in mask Activated charcoal filter.
  • Material: Neoprene material is used in mask
  • For all bike riders who are worried to ride bike in this summer due of pollution and dust/wind so this product which will ignite again the biking passion in you in this cool summer.
  • Just put it on and you will free from the pollution respective of weather.
  • it keeps your ears nose totally covered along with giving you a fashionable and trendy look while riding your bike which is good for you.
  • you can also use for coronavirus.
  • in mask here we used Solid black material neoprene.
  • Features full coverage of the nose and your cheeks and partial ear and neck cover.
  • 3-panel design is guarantees an extra comfortable fit against the your face.
  • Stretchy neoprene material is warm and water resistant so you can also wash this mask.
  • A wider-profiled hook-and-loop closure ensures great fit with goggles with a helmet or without
    corona mask
    this mask looks good on you.

    helmet so you look good.

  • this mask is Protects your face from dust sun and mild wind protection while you driving the vehicle and keeps disease caused by pollution away.


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corona virus
this mask is best fit on you.


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