Caption America Shield with Light and Sound for Kids and Children.
Real-Like Replica’s of Marvel Captain America’s Vibranium Made Shield.

Caption America Shield diameter is 32 m. which is big.

  • Hard-Hit at The Center of This Shield Creates Sound and Light Effects which is very good and attractive.
  • Made of Plastic and there is Uses a 3 Button Cells.

    caption shield
    his shield has also sound system.
  • cell are included in the product so you should not buy from the outside shop.
  • Minimum Recommended Age : 2 Years and Above for the playing.
  • Disclaimer : Color May Vary A Little Due To Computer or Smartphone
  • best gift for the biggest fan of the marvel studio.
  • there is also give small speaker for the sound system
  • sound quality is very best.

Product description:

It brings Shield Model. It is the primary defensive and offensive piece of equipment used by Captain America.

captain America is seldom seen without it. Iconic in design and durability and captain America’s shield is the ultimate combination of offense and defense.

Whether ricocheting into combat and fending off enemy attacks and captain America’s signature shield is very essential for the victory.

Specifically modeled on the first avenger’s trademark symbol and the marvel legends caption America shield measures an impressive 32 cm in diameters.

caption america shield
toy which feel like hero

The marvel legends caption America shield is an impressive addition to any marvel collections.


Product Detail:

everybody know about caption america. he has shield which is very powerful. this shield is made from the plastic. and this shield have also sound system. which is very good and best for the playing. with this shield there are 3 cells are included with the can not bought it from the outside store. this product has also age required which is 3 years or above. if you are a rel marvel fan so you can definitely like this shield. this product is best for the playing and it sound system making awesome most. so if you are intersted in this product you can check more detail from the amazon or flip kart link. which is given below side.

 Product information:

  • Technical Details
  • Number of Puzzle Pieces: 1
  • Batteries Required: Yes
  • Batteries Included: No
  • Material Type(s): Plastic
  • Color: Multi
  • Item Weight: 227 g
  • Product Dimensions: 32 x 32 x 4 cm
  • Item part number: POTLM2127SHIELD-SF
  • Manufacturer’s Minimum Suggested Age (years): 3

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