8 Video Editing Tips to Keep Viewers Engaged


It’s critical for marketers to discover new methods to keep audiences engaged in an age of information overload and shrinking attention spans. There’s just too much going on online to keep up with the competition if you can’t captivate and retain your audience’s attention.

So to make this journey easier for you, we’ll show you how to make your videos more engaging so that you may expand your audience’s reach, develop real connections with them, and increase your conversions. Let’s get started!

8 Video Editing Tips for Higher Engagement

1. Hook your Viewers

It’s critical to start each of your clips with a powerful hook to keep your viewers’ attention and keep them watching. You have to explain what the video is about, but you have to do it in an interesting manner. The proper video editing method may transform your footage.

Having the right editing approach saves you from a lot of pain that you otherwise might have to go through. The first step is choosing a comprehensive video editor  like InVideo that provides you with everything you need from an editing solution.

Next, you need a well-thought-out video intro created using the tool that captures your audience’s attention precisely.

2. Include Subtitles and/or Captions

Adding subtitles and captions to your video is essential if you want it to go viral and be seen by millions. You’ll be able to connect with people from all around the globe this way. Because English is a global language, you may utilize subtitles or captions in English.

Also, don’t limit yourself to just one area while filming your films. Allow your videos to be seen by as many people as possible. To time-stamp your video, first, write up a script. Adding the script to your video and uploading it to YouTube will make it accessible to those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

3. Establish the Right Tone for your Videos

From the very beginning to the very end, the video’s tone captures the attention of the viewers. In other words, your films must have an impact. A positive tone contributes to the overall impression. It’s not enough to just narrate the video; you also need to add images, texts, and sound effects to spice it up.

The whole video should not be narrated by one person in front of the camera. It may become a little old and stale after some time. Include charts, info-graphics, and other PIP films to make them more interesting to your audience.

4. Create an Engaging Video Script

With their videos, some individuals choose the talking-head route—just doing whatever they want. This is something that can be accomplished only by skilled orators or very gifted individuals.

Preparing a script ensures your message is received. If you want to achieve a certain goal, identify your beginning point, destination, and route. After that, check through your script to ensure that it’s concise, effective, and clearly communicates your value proposition.

It’s important to avoid sounding forced or robotic, so if you can do it without seeming stiff or forced, do so. Take care not to drone on and on. Try to keep it succinct. One-sided monologues are overused and boring. Then again, it may be part of your marketing strategy.

5. Emphasize Light Effects & Brightness

To ensure that the lens can capture natural light when shooting, you should have adequate light on your face while you are in front of it. It enhances the video’s quality while also making it more visually appealing and pleasurable to view.

The brightness, contrast, and even the video’s highlights may be adjusted when editing with an editing program to make it more appealing to the eye. Change the lighting to suit the film’s atmosphere; for scary moments, go totally black; for a joyful video, go for something mellow instead.

6. Establish a Narrative in your Videos

When making captivating films, it’s critical to tell a compelling narrative. One of the most successful ways to generate content is to use narrative methods.

When you tell a story, you establish a connection with your audience. Storytelling is a great way to connect with your audience and associate with them on a deeper level. The better your narrative, the higher and more impactful will be your engagement levels.

7. Include High-Quality Audio

A compelling video relies heavily on good audio. It’s probable that your viewers will click away to another video if your audio isn’t clear or if the author is rambling throughout the video.

As a result, be careful to talk clearly and minimize background noise wherever possible so that you only upload movies with excellent audio.

8. Show your Audience that you Care

Most people want to know that you’re concerned about them. Let them know you’ve been in their position before. You understand their plight since you’ve been in their shoes before. After learning what you’re going to tell them, though, everything changed.

When you figured out the issue, the door to the rest of the world opened. However, success does not come to those who sit on it. That’d be all wrong. You’d want to spread the word about your achievement so that others may experience it as well.


Now that you know how to keep your viewers interested in your films, you can command their attention. You may become an expert in just one of these methods, or you can use a combination of them depending on the look and feel of your film.

Creating a compelling video relies on knowing your target audience. You can witness magic in action in the most fascinating videos. However, take a closer look. Magical effects are really the product of psychological know-how, which you may learn to use using the methods listed above.


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