Players just have to download the Google Opinion Rewards from Play Store and start answering surveys, the rewards differ from survey to survey. Once you have enough diamonds, go to the Free Fire store and purchase DJ Alok for just 599 Diamonds you earned for free.

Best Gun in Free Fire AWM

Snipers play a role in long-distance flights, and the AWM is the most powerful among all sniper rifles and can kill the enemy in one headshot. It has a high reload time, but because of the power it provides, that can be excused.

How to Open Alok Character in Free Fire?

Users have several free ways to get diamonds, which in turn can be used to get Alok in Free Fire. Google Opinion Rewards is one of the easiest ways to get diamonds for free. All players are required to download the App from the Play Store app and enter all the necessary information. The number of surveys, rewards vary per survey from user to user.

Some players may think of it as a slow way to get diamonds, but this is legit and the fastest way to get the currency. Users can also use different GPT sites such as SwagBucks, ySense, and PrizeRebel. However, the withdrawal process on these pages is slightly longer because they do not have Google Play Giftcards for all regions, and players will have to cash out as PayPal money.

How to get Free Fire Alok Character for Free?

DJ Alok is a premium character in the store, priced at 599 diamonds. It goes without saying that he is the most expensive character in the store and has yet to be made available in any in-game events. As a reward, many YouTubers and discord servers host tournaments and Free Fire giveaways that include character DJ Alok.

DJ Alok Character in Free Fire – FAQ

1. What is DJ Alok Character in Free Fire?

Alok is one of Free Fire’s most sought-after characters and it’s covered by many players because of its skills. If the character reaches the maximum stage, it can replenish 5 HP per second for a total 10-second period. It also generates an atmosphere of 5 metres, which not only replenishes teammates’ health but also increases their speed. 2. How to Open Alok Character in Free Fire?



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